Basement Storage Ideas

Need basement storage ideas to control your crowded space? Whether you are working with a finished or unfinished basement, there are easy solutions to create more room with the space you already have. Macoby Self Storage in Pennsburg, PA, is here to support you through any home project—big or small. See our tips for making the most of your basement storage!

Finished & Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

Moisture-Proof Long-Term Storage

When you are using your basement as a storage space for seasonal and long-term storage, you need to make sure your items are well-protected. Store your belongings in air-tight, moisture-proof containers to keep out mold and other damages. To ward off water damage, you can also add a dehumidifier to the space to maintain more ideal conditions. That way, even if your basement develops water issues at some point, you are prepared, and your items are secure.

Utilize Wall & Ceiling Space

If your basement doubles as a storage and hangout area, you want to make sure you still have plenty of space to entertain guests and allow kids to play. Take advantage of shelving units and hooks to secure items out of walking space. Tools, toys, linens, and even bikes can compactly fit along a wall with the right set-up. Find affordable shelving that can hold the weight of your items for an extended period of time, or invest in a more permanent solution with built-in shelves. You can even use ceiling space for storage, depending on the height of your basement ceilings. 

Install a Clothing Rack

As the seasons change, so will your wardrobe. Give items like winter jackets, snow suits, and fancy attire a designated spot in your basement to keep them in good shape during their offseasons. Hanging clothes will keep them wrinkle-free while still making efficient use of your space. Clothing racks can also be handy for hanging section organizers and taking advantage of vertical storage opportunities.

Section Off the Room

The basement is prime real estate space in the home for both entertainment and storage. To best take advantage of both, try to keep the spaces separate. Tuck away storage items into a closet or back space that you can close off to hide the clutter. If you do not have closets or nooks, get creative while sectioning off your living space from your storage space with additions like: 

Macoby Self Storage in Pennsburg, PA

Thinking about taking on a basement remodel? When you have run out of basement storage ideas, look to a self storage facility near you in Pennsburg, PA, to help. Macoby Self Storage on East Buck Road offers convenient drive-up storage units of all sizes. Whether storing short-term until your remodel is complete or long-term as a secondary storage space, you can find solutions with our month-by-month leasing. Find your storage space today with our online storage rentals. You can look through our available storage units on our website and secure your space in a few clicks. Get started!

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