Best Tips for Small Pantry Organization

What is the best way to get your small pantry into a state of organization? Just because you do not have a ton of space to work with does not mean you are out of options. Macoby Self Storage has five top tips for making the most of the space you currently have while finding creative solutions to expand your opportunities for additional storage. See how you can transform your living space!

small pantry organization

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5 Tips for Small Pantry Organization

Look Outside of Normal Storage Areas

A pantry closet or cabinet does not have to be the only place you store your pantry items. If you see potential in another space, go for it. The hallway between your kitchen and living room area can make for a convenient spot to store away food and products. Add a storage mechanism that matches the design of your room and can hold everything you need it to. Another pantry option can be to add shelving units to open wall spaces in your kitchen, such as behind the sink or next to the stove. This will give you easy access to all your cooking prep in one place.

Add a Pull-Out Pantry

One downside to traditional pantries is that items can get lost in the back. With a pull-out pantry, you can see all your pantry items and stay on track of expiration dates. While this pantry style is great for visibility, it also helps to hide everything when you want a clutter-free kitchen. Design a pull-out pantry that is custom to your space so you can maximize efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics.

Designate Space for Food Containers

The first rule of dealing with food containers, like Tupperware and Pyrex, is to store them all in the same place. The second is to stack them together as they comfortably fit. Stack bottoms together with their like shapes and compile the lids vertically in a way that showcases them all for quick selection.

Categorize as You Organize

As you figure out your designated pantry space, start thinking about how you want to lay out your items. We recommend keeping similar items together as you organize, so you can easily reference the space later. Here are a few common categories for pantry organization:

  • Beverages/Bottles
  • Bread
  • Breakfast Food
  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Snacks
  • Spices

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Stack Items

In smaller pantry spaces, maximizing every inch is crucial, and the art of stacking can be a game-changer. By vertically stacking cans and other stackable items, homeowners can not only create a more organized and visually pleasing arrangement but also optimize the limited shelf space available. This will ensure that items are easily accessible and in sight, minimizing the chances of overlooking or wasting food.

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