storage unit size guide

Storage Unit Size Guide

What storage unit size will best protect the items you are looking to store? At Macoby Self Storage, we know each storage situation is different. That is why we have put together a storage unit size guide to explain how each of our storage size categories can best serve your needs as they change over time. Look through each size to see what kinds of objects will fit in each category and the different sizing restrictions you might run into when packing up your storage unit.

Macoby Self Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide

Small Storage Units

This size category is about the size of a walk-in closet. You are able to fit one or two large pieces of furniture—but be wary of attempting to fit anything bigger than a full size mattress. If you rent a small storage unit, especially, be sure to double-check the measurements of your items before you bring them to the storage facility to attempt to fit them in your storage unit. Rent these storage units for easy short-term and seasonal storage!

Medium Storage Units

When your storage needs start to grow in size, like storing your items during a move or taking on long-term storage of your business inventory, medium storage units can offer you peace of mind. They start at 100 square feet and range up to 150 square feet. Think of this space as being able to hold the contents of 2-3 rooms. That might include mattresses and bed frames, a desk, a kitchen table, and all your boxes. Use our online storage calculator to help you determine the best storage unit size to rent if you are contemplating similar-sized storage units.

Large Storage Units

If you are relocating the whole family into a new house, you want a reliable local self storage facility who can keep your belongings pristine and organized until you are ready for them again. You have enough room to store your furniture sets, beds, couches, and more—about 4-5 rooms’ worth of contents. Get up to 200 square feet of storage space with our drive-up storage units in Pennsburg. Handle all your large loads with Macoby Self Storage!

Macoby Self Storage in Pennsburg, PA

Need a secure place nearby in Pennsburg, PA, to store your items? Find storage with Macoby Self Storage on East Buck Road. Our outdoor storage units provide versatile storage space for any storage need. We can be your long-term storage solution for keeping your home or office space clutter-free. However, we also offer month-by-month leases for our tenants who are looking for more short-term options. Call our office to talk to one of our storage experts about your storage rental and the different features we can offer to make you storage experience easier. They can help you determine the amount of storage space you need and recommend packing supplies based on the items you are looking to store. Find your storage unit in Pennsburg, PA, online by browsing our available storage units!

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